EuroBasket 2013 : THEY SAID

Berikut ini beberapa pernyataan yang keluar dari para pemain dan pelatih di Turnamen EuroBasket 2013, Slovenia :

Jacques Monclar
"Basketball is in the head, in the legs... and in between."
-Jacques Monclar-

"Napoleon had some great wins, but also some very bad losses. We will see."
-Vincent Collet-

"For [Tony Parker]it's easier to play this game than the first game of the first group."
-Vincent Collet-

Bojan Bogsanovic
"A good victory is all we need; we need confidence and one big victory."
-Bojan Bogdanovic-

"I have like 100 phone calls a day from Mostar, from Zagreb and from Split for tickets."
-Bojan Bogsanovic-

"Just have fun. an All Star game is to have some fun.I always enjoy playing basketball, so that would be my biggest advece."
-Jonas Valanciunas-

"No doubt that Spain is the better team. We were looking to have Christmas. But there was no Christmas today."
-Henrik Dettmann-

"As Belgium did yesterday, we did today. We showed that we respect the game."
-Henrik Dettmann-

Simone Pianigiani
"Against Sweden we'd also played to win. One needs to respect EuroBasket, the chance to play at this level, and also to construct a winning mentality for this young group."
-Luigi Datome-

 "I think for basketball fans, especially Slovenian basketball fans, it was a very good game."
-Simone Pianigiani-

"For my players these kind of games are big. In the past years, we watched Spain only on TV."
-Simone Pianigiani-

"The good thing about young players is they don't care. They don't respect anybody on the court. And that's how we play. We play with a lot of energy."
-Nenad Krstic-

"I believe that it's not the right moment to talk about the big picture. But for sure we are very disappointed."
-Anrea Trinchieri-

"To not take this game seriously would have been unfair to Latvia, unfair to Ukraine and unfair to all basketball fans."
-Eddy Casteels-

"It means a lot to Ukraine basketball. It's the first time we are in the Second Round and already in the quarter-finals. But we don't have to stop."
-Sergii Gladyr-

Jose Calderon
"I can play the ‘2', I can play the ‘5' in the next game, I don't care. I just need to do my best to make this team win games."
-Jose Calderon-

"...we said before the championship 'come on guys, this is our year, we need to do something special this time'"
-Ante Tomic-

"Just like there was no reason to celebrate after five wins in a row, there is no need to lose our morale now after one loss."
-Alessandro Gentille-

"s team captain, I would like to say that we put every effort to be successful, but, unfortunately, we did not succeed."
-Hidayet Türkoglu-

Sergiy Gladyr
"We as a team, and I especially, like to run and whenever we can do it we feel comfortable."
-Ricky Rubio-

"[When I made the roster], I almost started to cry. An incredible and great feeling"
-Ludvig Hakanson-

"We are young, we are ambitious and right now we are taking some experience from this EuroBasket."
-Sergiy Gladyr-

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